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Models / Madisin Lee

Avg Rating: 5.0

Madisin Lee Vital Stats:
Height:  5-8"
Age:  35
Astrological Sign:  Sagittarius

Madisin Lee Updates

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No One Will Know
Madisin Lee
“Hey Sweetie, are you on your way? What do you mean you’re not coming home? Its Halloween, it’s our special weekend!” Madisin has been waiting for two weeks to see her husband. This hot horny Milf is not going to let her wet pussy be ignored any longer. She hangs up the phone and jumps up on...

Tags: Creampie, Doggy, Homewrecker, Kitchen

Blackmailing My StepMom's Hot Sister
Madisin Lee
I was minding my business last night when I saw my stepmom’s hot sister. What the hell! I grabbed my phone and started to record. She was practically fucking some stranger on the side of the building in an alley. She is married. I went home and told my mom and showed her the video. She said we should...

Tags: Blackmail, Blowjob, Brunettes, Busty

Step Mom's Car Blowjob
Madisin Lee
What the hell! Is that my stepmom? I pulled over to stop and see, and sure enough it was her. What are you doing out here all alone? I asked. You're upset? Why? My dad is cheating on you? You were supposed to meet up with another man? You chickened out? I'm sorry my dad is screwing around on you. I just...

Tags: Blowjob, MILF

My Creepy Step Brother Part 3
Madisin Lee
A continuation of the series: My Creepy Step Brother and My Creepy Step Brother Part II My stepsister is such a slut. She thinks that no one is home. She is so fucking stupid. I catch her skank ass having phone sex on top of the kitchen counter. I force her to her knees to suck on my cock as she...

Tags: Amateur, Coerced, Daddy's Girl, Doggy

Cougar MILF's Getting It On: 4th Of July Love Triangle (Part 2):
Jackie Lin, Madisin Lee
The next morning Madisin confronts Jackie about her night last night with her stepson. Jackie laughs and ask Madisin if she watched and if she enjoyed it. Madisin and Jackie used to be lovers before Jackie married Madisins brother. It did not take long before Madisin buried her face in Jackie's sweet...

Tags: Asian, Brunettes, Girl Girl, Homewrecker

My Creepy Step Brother
Madisin Lee
I talked my step sister into cleaning my dog Judy's cage today. It was really my turn to clean it, but I wanted to jerk my dick to some good taboo porn. I told her I would pay her half of my allowance if she cleaned the cage for me. I was enjoying my taboo porn and was about to cum when I heard my sister...

Tags: 18 & 19 Year Old, Amateur, Blackmail, Blowjob

Cooking for Stepmom
Madisin Lee
I cannot believe this horrible day. First, I have to fire some morons at work then I have to come home and cook dinner since my chef is sick. My lazy, no good for nothing stepson is always playing video games and jacking his dick. I don't even know where anything is at in the kitchen. I called my stepson...

Tags: Amateur, Brunettes, Creampie, Hairy Pussy

Step Mom's Special Gift
Madisin Lee
Finally, everyone has left. I couldnt wait for the family to leave so I could give my boy his special gift. He has been so good to me this year since his father left and I wanted to give him something a little extra. It was not any ordinary gift, I know exactly what he needs and wants. If only everyone...

Tags: Amateur, Brunettes, Busty, Doggy

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